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Site Inspection

We at ebm-papst consider site inspection a part of EC Upgrades package. This can help in assisting you with the upgrade process and design or simply ensure that an existing installation is as per our installation guidelines so there are no nasty surprises later resulting from faulty installations. 

We are also here to assist after the upgrade should any issues arise.  

M&V (Measurement & Verification)

We can plan your M&V requirements and installation. This usually goes hand in hand with energy audits, exploring and accessing grants for building upgrades as well as processing the paperwork to create white paper certificates such as ESC’s under the ESC scheme in NSW or VEEC’s under the Victorian Energy Upgrades scheme in VIC. 


We can install the fan upgrade for you. Installation includes but not limited to removal of old fan supply of EC fans,  installation of EC fan assemblies. Basic electrical work, installation of sub-board outside the AHU with Auto/Manual/Off switch and circuit breaker, installation of potentiometer for speed control in manual mode, installation of Isolator switch. Connection of existing 0..10V from BMS signal. Basic commissioning in case of a fix speed (DOL) fan. We also work after office hours.

Energy Audits

We conduct level 1 and level 2 energy audits for various organisations, assisting them in identifying and evaluating energy saving opportunities, based on key criteria such as implementation costs, energy reductions, and Return-on-Investment (ROI). This allows the organisations to better understand their energy usage and cost, to prioritize their saving opportunities.