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Automotive, Transport & Rail Technology

A passion for the automobile of the future

As a highly qualified engineering partner of the automotive industry, our innovations have been helping to make the driving experience safer, more comfortable and less stressful for over a decade. A growing number of renowned manufacturers and system suppliers, in both the passenger and commercial vehicle areas, are among our customers.

Drive and climate control component for transport technology

What will be the engine of tomorrow's transport? It is up to today's transport passengers to decide where the journey will lead. Aspects such as comfort, handicapped accessibility, safety, and orientation towards service mean higher passenger acceptance and more profitability for the operator.

What we contribute as a technology partner: AC and EC drives with exceptional output, dynamics, and accuracy of speed. Energy and space-saving ventilation systems, whose high levels of pressure constancy, low-noise performance and long service life have become an essential part of modern transport technology. They open windows and doors, control switches and signals, air-condition passenger compartments, and cool parts of the technical infrastructure.

Products from ebm-papst, a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of drive and blower solutions for rail technology, have been in use in many cars and systems for years.


Our capabilities

Innovative and competitive

"Innovations for the next generation" has always been our slogan at ebm-papst, and will continue to be in the future. Our foremost goal is to unite the latest scientific advances with our experience in the areas of drive engineering, aerodynamics, and electronics and thus to create new, groundbreaking solutions, consistently.

Driven by the creativity of each individual, a continuous evolution that draws on both experience and innovation ensures the utility and competitiveness of future generations of vehicles.

Automotive climate control including numerous solutions in the cooling of electronics:

  • cooling of motor control units
  • infotainment and central electronics
  • air-conditioning control products
  • miniature blowers for active ventilation of temperature sensors
  • seat ventilation products
  • auxiliary drives products
  • electronically commutated servomotors or steering support motors
  • radiator cooling products



A more comfortable journey

For climate control in driver and passenger compartments, ebm-papst offers a special line of fans precisely matched to the requirements of rail technology.

Whether they are centrifugal or axial fans in AC or GreenTech EC technology, our products can be easily connected to the 110 V DC power supply. In addition, our fans feature outstanding energy-saving performance and can be controlled easily and individually. ebm-papst stands for top quality. So, it is only natural that our fans are also tested for vibration and shock resistance. You can be sure that we already have a solution for every customer-specific requirement - or will be glad to develop one for you.

Power without losses - Blower and cooling systems for electronics cooling

Does the electronics cooling system need to know where a rail car is heading? Not really. What is far more interesting is how efficiently the highly stressed rail car electronics are cooled in the widest variety of conditions.

The power electronics used in transport technology require effective cooling. Any dissipated energy created by electric power generation, transmission, or distribution must be removed quickly and efficiently.

Specific blowers and fans from ebm-papst are used in these applications, which demand low-noise performance and a long service life, electromagnetic compatibility and high-pressure constancy. Energy and space-saving ventilation systems with compact, conveniently controlled drives are used in the widest variety of sizes and configurations.

Products from ebm-papst, a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of fan and blower solutions for electronics cooling, have been in use for years on all routes in many applications. ebm-papst makes an important contribution to helping passengers arrive at their destination comfortably, well rested and on time.


ebm-papst: Your highly competent partner in rail engineering

Creating the ideal fan solution for railway requirements

ebm-papst fans are developed uniquely for rail technology and for specific field applications. We offer fans that are tailored to comply with the European fire safety criteria and have been subjected to voluntary testing and certification by TUV SUD. 
  • EN 50155: 2007/2017 Railway applications. Electronic equipment used on rolling stock - rail technology fans by ebm-papst are compliant with EN50155
  • IEC 61373: 2010 Shock and vibration test. The fans are tested according to category 1B. The entire fan system must be tested separately. 
  • EN 60721-3-5: 1998 Enviornmental conditions.
    • Climatic environmental conditions: 5K2   
    • Chemically active substances: 5C1
    • Mechanically active substances: 5S1
    • Biological environmental conditions: 5B1
    • Contamination agents: 5F1
    • Mechanical environmental conditions: 5M1
    • Environmental conditions tested according to EN 50155 section 13.3, table 12
  • EN 50121-3-2: 2016 Electromagnetic compatibility
  • EN 50124-1: 2017 Insulation coordination
  • EN 15085-1/3: 2013 Welding of railway vehicles and components. Weld seam quality CPC3
  • EN 45545-2+A1: 2015 Fire protection on railway vehicles. The fans fulfil the requirements according to Hl3. The first protection requirements of the entire system must be assessed separately. 
  • EN 50533/A1: 2016 Properties of 3-phase electrical system voltage. Class 1 electrical system architecture is a prerequisite for using EC fans. 


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