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Fans and data platform from ebm-papst ensure indoor air is healthy

  • September 24, 2020

Indoor air quality has been one of the most important concerns for building operators long before bushfire smoke hazards and COVID-19. There is now a smart cloud-based platform that makes it possible to monitor and control data from buildings and their indoor spaces which is relevant for our health. Fans from ebm-papst use sensors to collect data for the platform.

Until now, indoor air quality has mainly been judged based on estimation. Buildings are being ventilated with fresh air as little as possible to conserve energy. Most recently in a response to the possible infection risk of airborne diseases, fresh air intake and ventilation rates have increased in general. Residents and employees in these buildings are either exposed to a potential hazardous air, or there is a lot of energy wasted with increase wear and tear on all components in the HVAC equipment. As a result, using a system that controls air exchange and air filtering based on measurable data and reacts to changes in air quality is becoming increasingly important. Both the health and productivity of tenants and employees improve whilst the operating costs of the HVAC equipment decreases.  

The aim is optimum indoor air

Fans from ebm-papst are used within various types of equipment, such as air handling units. They use sensors to record and process various parameters, e.g. rpm, vibration, noise, air speed, volume, pressure and, above all, air quality. The air quality sensors installed by ebm-papst are certified by RESET and are guaranteed to deliver accurate and comparable air quality measurements. RESET is the world's first sensor-based building standard for commercial buildings and their interior spaces which monitors, certifies and communicates air quality in buildings. 

Smart platform processes data

The fan transfers the collected data using an integrated connectivity solution to the ebm-papst Building Connect platform. This platform is where the data is processed and analyzed, which can then be accessed by the building operator and used to optimize the building control systems. The ebm-papst Building Connect platform therefore plays an active role in monitoring indoor air quality and regulating it in an energy efficiency way. Algorithms learn from user behavior, building characteristics and environmental conditions, and, with the help of energy-saving fans from ebm-papst, help to create an optimized indoor eco-system. 

Clean air and saving energy

This technology enables building operators to improve central and local ventilation systems, so that indoor air quality can be maintained at an optimum level and energy costs can be minimized. Another advantage is that it allows the rate at which air is exchanged and purified to be measured and controlled with complete accuracy. 

About ebm-papst neo

ebm-papst neo GmbH & Co. KG was founded as a think tank in spring 2018, but its focus now is on developing, supporting and launching to market data-driven solutions. These solutions are used to monitor air quality in buildings, for example. ebm-papst neo is based in the technology park Technologiezentrum in Dortmund, Germany.

About ebm-papst 

The ebm-papst Group, a family-owned company in Mulfingen, Germany, is the world market leader in fans and drives. Founded in 1963, the technology leader with its core competences motor technology, electronics and aerodynamics, has set international market standards ever since. With over 20,000 products, ebm-papst offers customized, energy-efficient and intelligent solutions for virtually any ventilation and drive technology requirements. 

In fiscal year 2019/20, the hidden champion achieved a turnover of 2.188 billion euros and employed almost 15,000 people in 29 production sites (e.g. in Germany, China and the US) as well as in 48 sales locations. With their fan and drive solutions, ebm-papst defines and sets the benchmark in practically all industries, such as ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration, heating, automotive, IT, mechanical engineering, catering and household appliances, intralogistics and medical engineering.  

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