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  • June 14, 2019

German owned company and market leaders in fan and motor manufacturing, ebm-papst Group, has a long history of supporting communities and the environment through company funded initiatives. Within the APAC region, subsidiaries actively support their own communities in a variety of ways. 


Image 1 (above): Photos and logos of the corporate social responsibilities engaged with across the APAC region by ebm-papst subsidiaries. 


Australia and New Zealand

Melbourne based subsidiary, ebm-papst Australia and New Zealand, sponsors two female athletes; Emily Hurtz, an Australian national hockey player and Holly White, a track cyclist from New Zealand. Through the company’s support, both athletes are able to focus on reaching their peak performance in their chosen fields.

The oceanic subsidiary also assists Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWB) through sponsorship and free workshops. EWB is a not-for-profit that helps communities in regional and remote areas of Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia to develop skills, knowledge and appropriate engineering solutions. 


Images 2 and 3: Green Building Council logos for Korean Green Building Council (KGBC) and Singapore Green Building Council (SGCB). ebm-papst Korea and ebm-papst Southeast Asia are both proud members of their respective Green Building Councils

Southeast Asia

In Singapore, ebm-papst Southeast Asia has been involved in the “1000 Enterprises for Children-in-Need” initiative since 2012. As a part of this movement, the subsidiary donates to the Singapore Children’s Society, which protects and assists approximately 80,000 children, teenagers and families in need.


ebm-papst Southeast Asia and ebm-papst Korea both support the efforts of local Green Building Councils to develop standards for green building certifications, and share valuable information on energy efficient designs. The purpose of these organisations is to set high standards for green building solutions, helping to build more sustainable cities and to share knowledge and expertise on a local and international scale.


Based in Yokohama City, ebm-papst Japan is engaged with recycling based initiatives as a way to raise money for important causes. Recycled bottle caps are donated to the Ecocap Movement, which both reduces waste and uses the funds from recycling to pay for vaccination of children across the world. Stamps collected by ebm-papst Japan are sold to collectors with the proceeds going to JOICFP, an organisation that educates on and provides access to sexual and reproductive health and rights.


Images 4 and 5: Students in China using ebm-papst fans to make air-purifying units


Since 2015 ebm-papst China has sponsored to the Formula Student Electric team from Tongji Univeristy, DIAN Racing. Each year a team of first-year students design and manufacture an electric racing car to compete in Formula Student Electric China (FSE China) and at other events across Asia. In 2017 the team set the record for “Linear Acceleration” at the Student Formula in Japan and achieved first place in 7 categories in FSE China against 128 teams.

Partnering with the Kunming World Youth International School, ebm-papst China holds workshops for students and their families, educating them on air pollution, environmental protection, and engineering design. The workshop allows children and their parents to construct a working air-purifier, using ebm-papst fans, and demonstrates the importance of environmental protection through air quality.


ebm-papst Group has always had a strong focus on supporting the communities and environment that contribute to the success of the company. Across the world ebm-papst supports a range of cultural, sporting, social and educational based initiatives that benefit the general community.

“Subsidiaries of ebm-papst are making an effort to impact the society, environment and the next generation positively. Our company’s philosophy is that ‘each new product that we develop has to be better than its predecessor in terms of economy and ecology’.” said Mrs Witty Zhang, APAC Marketing Coordinator. “Beyond our daily business and energy efficient products, these activities allow us to also to undertake wider social responsibilities.”


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