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iQC fan motors advantages at a glance:

  • 70% energy savings through the use of EC technology
  • Up to 65% improved efficiency
  • More economical and significant environmental benefits
  • Simple 1 to 1 replacement of existing Q shaded-pole motors thanks to identical installation dimensions

Developed to meet your needs

The new iQC motors can do everything the "normal" iQ motors can; and more besides, providing greater efficiency for refrigeration applications for example. Our iQC motor is the smart step for ensuring cost and energy savings from start to finish. Additional functions, such as day and night-time mode, permit different operating modes that can be individually adjusted.


Applications involving long fan operating times - such as refrigerated display cases, bottle coolers and underfloor convectors - offer particularly great potential for saving energy. 


Made for tough conditions with exceptional efficiency

Our iQC motor is the smart step for ensuring cost and energy savings from start to finish. Also Able to spin forward and reverse, the iQC is able to help clean off the dirt from vents and fan blades. Able to handle fine particles and high-pressure water cleaning the iQC is perfect for tough conditions.


iQC reverse on demand.

With the iQC reverse on demand, it is possible to define the time and duration of reverse operation as required. This means that the evaporator defrost cycle can be used to remove dust from the heat exchanger of the condenser for example.


iQC two speeds.

The particular feature of the iQC two speeds is that it is supplied with two factory-programmed speed levels. This makes it possible to run the application in different day and night modes for even greater energy savings.


iQC reverse on start.

The iQC reverse on start automatically runs in reverse for a pre-programmed time on starting. This is an important function for refrigeration devices, as it blows the accumulated dust out of the heat exchanger of the condenser – ensuring constant high cooling capacity.

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iQC Brochure

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