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Case Studies

We have satisfied customers from many different industries. Read there stories below. Contact us if you need further information or to see how we can help your business.

EC Upgrades success stories

  • EC Upgrades: Shopping centre cashes in on energy-saving fans

    [PDF] 857.94KB

  • EC Upgrades: Commercial AC to EC fan upgrade

    [PDF] 1.23MB

  • EC Upgrades: Condenser fan upgrade

    [PDF] 1.05MB

  • EC Upgrades: IGA Supermarket AHU

    [PDF] 688.25KB

  • EC Upgrades: Government office building

    [PDF] 514.35KB

  • EC Upgrades: Supermarket

    [PDF] 987.97KB

  • EC Upgrades: Axial fans for condensers

    [PDF] 1013.1KB

  • EC Upgrades: Universal Gateway for AHUs

    [PDF] 653.19KB

  • EC Upgrades: Fan coil unit replacement

    [PDF] 645.08KB

  • EC Upgrades: Fan wall upgrade in office building

    [PDF] 584.65KB

  • EC Upgrades: Fresh St Market IGA

    [PDF] 952.91KB

AgriCool success stories

  • Agriculture: Casaccio Egg Farm

    [PDF] 705.54KB

  • Agriculture: EC tunnel fans

    [PDF] 506.08KB

  • Agriculture: Greenfield Poultry

    [PDF] 324.22KB

  • Agriculture: Vic Rearing Farm

    [PDF] 356.02KB

  • Agriculture: Gallus Lane Farm

    [PDF] 598.58KB

  • Agriculture: La Trobe Valley Farm Fresh

    [PDF] 543.0KB