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Cool air for hot lines

For small, midsize, and large enterprises alike, the demands for IT and telecommunications performance are constantly increasing. Maximum reliability, highly complex applications, faster processors, round-the-clock information and communication, and the ever-increasing compactness and density of computer systems demand maximum performance from the cooling system.

Well-founded skills and exceptional product innovations make ebm-papst a technological trendsetter in electronics cooling. In many thousands of applications - both standard solutions and specialized, customer-specific ones - our tried-and-tested products demonstrate the exceptional capabilities they bring to cooling tasks.

Including base stations and cooling units for telecommunications and IT hardware

So that we are always within reach

Base stations are an indispensable part of our mobile world. They ensure that we can communicate with each other while mobile, anywhere in the world.

Fans from ebm-papst keep the base station electronics at a uniform low temperature and reliably guide away lost heat.

This minimizes the risk of failure of individual components and extends the service life of the system.


Withstanding any kind of weather

Cooling units for control cabinets are used in environmental conditions defined by high temperatures and an oily and aggressive atmosphere. ebm-papst primarily offers centrifugal fans for this area, but also axial fans for internal and external circulation in cooling units.

Since fans in external circulation systems are directly exposed to the environment, they need to be weatherproof. To ensure optimum quality in this area, our fans are specifically tested for resistance to humidity, temperature fluctuations, and salt spray fog.

They also feature load-dependent speed control as well as outstanding low-noise characteristics and long service life.


Reliable IT performance

For IT hardware, which includes network technology, router, data storage technology, servers/mainframes and much more, ebm-papst offers a matching line of centrifugal and compact fans in GreenTech EC technology that has been specifically designed for this area.

These fans from ebm-papst have all of the critical properties that are so important in the IT area. The compact fans are extremely quiet, even at a high air performance. They can be intelligently controlled and thus adapted individually to specific customer requirements. Furthermore, the brushless technology promises a long service life with maintenance-free operation.


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