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Communication between products, people, machines and software

ebm-papst manufactures Industry 4.0-capable products and interlinks production processes. When products, people, machines and software work together efficiently and productively, energy efficiency improves – and that is a particular concern of ebm-papst.

Discover Industry 4.0 at ebm-papst

Intelligent, communicative products

The majority of the products in the current EC product portfolio of ventilation technology, drive motors and gas blowers are equipped with integrated digital bus interfaces. On request, the products can also be networked wirelessly. The centrepiece of these EC products is a circuit board that controls the integrated motor system. The Industry 4.0-capable products are also equipped with a processor that can send data as well as receive it. The products can thus be networked digitally. They can communicate with each other and with higher-level systems such as building automation systems. In normal operation the processor receives the requested operating point and sends back the current operating data. If a fan has a problem, it reports this to the building control system together with diagnostic information and, if necessary, goes into emergency mode. This enables the building control system to implement reliable, energy-efficient air conditioning.

Optimisation and transparency of production processes

Since 2009 ebm-papst has been networking production processes with SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution). In communication between production machines and the higher-level SAP ME, the product to be manufactured is identified uniquely, data is requested in an autonomous continuous request-response process, and production steps are initiated. Production is thus managed and monitored continuously on a central system from start to finish. Any manufacturing problems can be identified and resolved immediately. All production steps can be tracked because the data is collected and stored centrally. The digitisation of production allows processes to be optimised, monitored and made more transparent. That means user-friendly user interfaces, almost entirely paperless production, support for lean processes, adherence to and verification of the process sequence, assured use of the correct, fault-free materials, traceability and process data capture. To further optimise the application, ebm-papst works closely with SAP as a member of the customer council.


"We are taking an evolutionary approach to Industry 4.0 and learning to exploit the communication potential of machinery and systems throughout the company. Every EC product is capable of the communication required by Industry 4.0. A fan can thus be controlled at all times using an app, for example. At the same time, as far as our own production processes are concerned, we laid the foundations for the future some time ago. We are thus something of a model company when it comes to SAP ME, a software application that controls the productivity of machinery and systems and helps to reduce lead times."



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