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Rail technology

Drive and climate control component for transport technology

What will be the engine of tomorrow's transport? It is up to today's transport passengers to decide where the journey will lead. Aspects such as comfort, handicapped accessibility, safety, and orientation towards service mean higher passenger acceptance and more profitability for the operator.

What we contribute as a technology partner: AC and EC drives with exceptional output, dynamics, and accuracy of speed. Energy and space-saving ventilation systems, whose high levels of pressure constancy, low-noise performance and long service life have become an essential part of modern transport technology. They open windows and doors, control switches and signals, air-condition passenger compartments, and cool parts of the technical infrastructure.

Products from ebm-papst, a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of drive and blower solutions for rail technology, have been in use in many cars and systems for years.

Including electronics cooling, driver's cab and passenger climate control, auxiliary and door drives

Power without losses - Blower and cooling systems for electronics cooling

Does the electronics cooling system need to know where a rail car is heading? Not really. What is far more interesting is how efficiently the highly stressed rail car electronics are cooled in the widest variety of conditions.

The power electronics used in transport technology require effective cooling. Any dissipated energy created by electric power generation, transmission, or distribution must be removed quickly and efficiently.

Specific blowers and fans from ebm-papst are used in these applications, which demand low-noise performance and a long service life, electromagnetic compatibility and high-pressure constancy. Energy and space-saving ventilation systems with compact, conveniently controlled drives are used in the widest variety of sizes and configurations.

Products from ebm-papst, a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of fan and blower solutions for electronics cooling, have been in use for years on all routes in many applications. ebm-papst makes an important contribution to helping passengers arrive at their destination comfortably, well rested and on time.


A more comfortable journey

For climate control in driver and passenger compartments, ebm-papst offers a special line of fans precisely matched to the requirements of rail technology.

Whether they are centrifugal or axial fans in AC or GreenTech EC technology, our products can be easily connected to the 110 V DC power supply. In addition, our fans feature outstanding energy-saving performance and can be controlled easily and individually. ebm-papst stands for top quality. So, it is only natural that our fans are also tested for vibration and shock resistance. You can be sure that we already have a solution for every customer-specific requirement - or will be glad to develop one for you.


Opening the door to greater reliability - Auxiliary and door drives for transport

If the door systems in subway or commuter rail cars or high-speed trains fail, far-reaching consequences in terms of human lives, cost and image can result. Modern swiveling and sliding doors, door control systems, and moving ramps and steps all require reliable drives.

A variety of drives from ebm-papst are used in these rail cars. Exact speed profiles and reproducible movements, as well as a high level of reliability in every application, are the most important requirements here. With outstanding control characteristics and precision positioning, our DC and GreenTech EC motors, which are offered in a wide variety of sizes, capacities and configurations, provide a new level of safety. Integrated operating electronics, gearboxes and speed sensors ensure that they meet the highest demands for convenience. Products from ebm-papst, a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of fan and drive solutions for transport technology, have been in use in many applications for years. With these high-quality products, safety, reliability and convenience will never be left behind.


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