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EC medium pressure axial fans

GreenTech EC technology in a new dimension:

The outstanding features of EC medium pressure fans from ebm-papst are not just their size, but also their performance.

  • High-efficiency GreenTech EC technology
  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • Maximum air flow
  • Motor, electronics, and aerodynamics as a complete package

EC medium pressure axial fans: The efficient system solution


Convincing measured values

Air flow up to 84,300 m³/h.


Infinitely economical

Adjustment of the air flow to the current demand is of crucial importance with regard to the energy consumption of an installation. With AC fans, this is often achieved by switching individual fans on and off. By contrast, GreenTech EC fans feature integrated infinitely variable speed control for adapting the air volume to suit requirements. The power consumption Pe drops dramatically on reducing the speed n (P~n³).

A simple example demonstrates the enormous potential for savings: An installation with four fans arranged in parallel has a power consumption of 40 kW in nominal operation. If, on an annual average, this installation is operated at the design point for 50% of the time and at half the rated air flow for 50% of the time, the energy saving per year will be 65 MWh.


In an efficiency class of its own

Legal requirements for energy efficiency are becoming ever more stringent. The ecodesign directive for motors (EU 640/2009) stipulated IE2 as the minimum efficiency class for Europe. With effect from 2015, the requirements of efficiency class IE3 have to be satisfied. A similar situation exists in other countries – efficiency class IE3 is already mandatory in the USA, for example. The good news: GreenTech EC motors from ebm-papst already more than satisfy the requirements of efficiency class IE4. That guarantees you planning reliability well into the future.

And efficient of course also means thrifty. On top of that, demand-based speed adjustment means that only the amount of energy actually required is used.

The advantages of
EC medium pressure axial fans at a glance

Double flange housing
  • Low noise emissions and minimal air gap thanks to integrated nozzle shape on intake side and perfect roundness
  • Integrated nozzle shape on intake side ensures high efficiency
  • Rugged design with hot-dip galvanized sheet steel
  • Safe handling during transportation and assembly
  • Flexible arrangement with horizontal or vertical motor shaft and installation on both intake and outlet sides
  • Optional: Externally accessible terminal box with brought-out connections and interfaces
  • Blade angle and number of blades ideally adapted to the motor and control electronics at the factory
  • Minimal vibration on account of dynamic two-plane balancing of the impeller rotor unit
  • Rugged design with blade and hub made of corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum
  • Renowned blade geometry (airfoil)
GreenTech EC motor
  • Acoustically imperceptible clock frequency
  • Long service life thanks to maintenance-free ball bearings and brushless commutation
  • Optimized commutation for partial-load operation down to 1:10 with sustained high efficiency
  • Impeller fitted directly on the motor rotor for a compact design
  • High efficiency level due to low copper and iron losses in the stator and no magnetization losses in the rotor through the use of permanent magnets
  • Insulated bearing system to prevent bearing currents ensures reliable operation
  • Simple commissioning thanks to central terminal area for supply connection, alarm relay, open loop control and communication
  • Connection area physically separated from motor electronics
  • Infinitely variable speed, 0–10 VDC/PWM interface and MODBUS RTU
  • Different voltage configurations for worldwide use
  • Integrated derating function, locked-rotor protection and thermal overload protection for reliable operation
Motor mount
  • Rugged hot-dip galvanized welded design 
Intake/pressure side guard grille (optional)
  • Contact protection according to standard DIN EN ISO 13857
  • Wide gap between guard grill and impeller
  • Rugged hot-dip galvanized welded design


  • Brochure

    EC medium pressure axial fans - The efficient system solution

    (Edition 2015-06-01T08:03:00.000Z) [PDF] 1.55MB

  • Tender specifications

    Tender specifications EC medium pressure axial fan 1120-1600

    [PDF] 89.53KB

  • Tender specifications

    Tender specifications EC medium pressure axial fan 1120-1600

    (Edition 2015-04-01T09:15:00.000Z) [DOC] 380.5KB

Areas of application for EC medium pressure axial fans

Tunnel freezer with EC medium pressure axial fans made by ebm-papst

Medium pressure axial fans with GreenTech EC motor are used wherever high air flow rates have to be moved with medium pressures. For example in flash freezers or cold storage facilities and for energy generation.


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