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HyBlade® axial fans

Made by ebm-papst


Revolutionary in terms of both efficiency and quiet operation.

  • Highly efficient motor technology and electronics
  • Outstanding system efficiency
  • Numerous actuation options
  • "Plug & play" thanks to integrated electronics
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HyBlade®, an innovative and currently unique hybrid structure for fan blades from ebm-papst, adds a whole new dimension to the strengths of large axial fans! An aluminum core covered in glass-fiber reinforced plastic sets completely new standards from an aerodynamic point of view. The aerodynamically optimized shape in particular yields tremendous benefits in terms of noise emissions in combination with even higher efficiency levels than with conventional blades.

But the catalog of requirements for our developers also included optimized efficiency, better corrosion protection, weight reduction, and ecological manufacturing with a positive energy balance. And so we are not satisfied with just touching up a few details and improving existing products. The next stage in the development process means taking a major step forward. With an impressive outcome:

HyBlade® – setting much higher standards in many different respects and representing a further milestone in the evolution of fan technology.

  • Enormous weight reduction
  • High-efficiency blade profile
  • Revolutionary noise reduction
  • Greatly enhanced efficiency
  • Much more ecological production
  • Available with AC and GreenTech EC technology


HyBlade axial fans from ebm-papst

One outstanding example of the permanent advancement and improvement of our products is the HyBlade® axial fan – a unique combination of materials specially developed for large axial fans. With HyBlade® we get the best out of two completely different materials: maximum efficiency.

"HyTech" from 300 mm: the extended HyBlade® product range


The HyBlade® product range offers a wide variety of combination options. Fans with AC or GreenTech EC motors are available for the main areas of application, namely ventilation and air conditioning.

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Together with the small sizes 300, 350, 400 and 450, primarily for use in evaporators, the product range has everything on offer to suit your individual requirements.

Ideal partners: HyBlade® and GreenTech EC technology.

The revolutionary properties of the hybrid structure are complemented by intelligent control characteristics, a maintenance-free design, a long service life and the outstanding energy efficiency of EC drive technology. HyBlade® axial fans with GreenTech EC technology thus attain an unprecedented overall economic performance.


HyBlade® – setting new standards in the field of fan technology:

Stability and intelligence times two: HyBlade® meets GreenTech EC technology.


HyBlade® gets the best out of two completely different materials to achieve maximum efficiency. This intelligent combination yields new advantages and reinforces existing strengths. Particularly in conjunction with GreenTech EC motors, HyBlade® axial fans work wonders when it comes to efficiency. The new technology has already demonstrated its unlimited potential all over the world.

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One and one makes one.

Intensive research into an improved blade geometry for large axial fans led to a revolutionary new hybrid concept. In engineering, the term "Hybrid" always stands for a whole made up of different elements. What makes it special, is that the starting elements are already a functional solution in themselves. But only by putting them together is it possible to gain completely new, positive properties from the original advantages.

These are the strengths of HyBlade®

The stability of a high-strength aluminum alloy on the inside, combined with the lightness and unlimited shaping potential offered by plastic on the outside – that is the ingenious mix that goes to make up HyBlade® technology. The corrosion-resistant aluminum structure in the core of the HyBlade® blade forms a durable bond with the rotor, whilst the glass-fiber reinforced plastic jacket gives the blade an aerodynamically optimized shape.

On the one hand, this lightweight jacket has a substantial effect on the overall weight of the fan, and its good attenuation properties contribute towards noise reduction. But the most important thing is: Whereas metal parts can only be stamped, bent or embossed into shape, it is no problem to create three-dimensional profiles with plastics. So there are no limits to optimization of the blade design, right down to the last detail. Even winglets on the blade tips similar to those used in motor racing and aircraft construction are now an option. These have a favorable effect on the aerodynamics and minimize turbulence between the blade and the housing, thus making fan operation even quieter and more efficient.


First-class energy balance: HyBlade® in everyday use.


Axial fans with HyBlade® technology are exemplary and future-proof in every possible respect – that applies to responsibility for the environment, noise emissions and reducing the amount of work involved. Not least the positive primary and secondary energy balance is a factor that is gaining in significance every day.

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Powerful yet quiet-running.

Broadly speaking, noise protection is an intrinsic component of environmental protection. Keeping the noise level as low as possible is particularly important in the case of large axial fans that are often used in heat exchangers outdoors. The optimum adaptability of its blade geometry makes the HyBlade® ideal for such applications. Thanks to the tremendous flexibility of glass-fiber reinforced plastic, the impeller can easily be adapted to specific operating requirements. These new aerodynamic possibilities reduce noise levels to a minimum and make HyBlade® fans the quietest in their class.

Lightweight makes light work.

What could be lighter than a HyBlade® axial fan? That's right: the light work involved in installing a HyBlade® axial fan. Replacing conventional fans with new fans featuring HyBlade® technology is indeed remarkably easy. The new fans are the same size and have the same mounting flanges and connections as older models. So they are fully compatible from a technical point of view, and exchange is no problem. The fact that the fully assembled devices are not as heavy is also an important aspect, as it considerably facilitates the installation work required.


Top performance whatever the elements: Putting HyBlade® to the test.


Sustained heat and UV radiation, the freezing cold and rapid temperature fluctuations of more than 120°C – nothing can detract from the unbelievable performance of HyBlade® technology in all respects. To start with the new blades are subjected to a whole world of extreme climatic conditions.

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Tested and found to be excellent.

In addition to long-term endurance tests and running at high speeds well above three times the maximum operating points, the new hybrid blades are exposed to water, salt spray and chemicals – and pass all the tests with flying colors thanks to their outstanding corrosion resistance. The material structure is also quite literally not shaken by severe vibrations and impacts. All this ensures that HyBlade® axial fans meet the exceptional quality standards you expect from ebm-papst even in demanding applications.



  • Brochure

    HyBlade® Premium Hybrid Fan - The New Composite Material for Axial Fans

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  • Catalog

    EC axial fans – HyBlade®

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  • Catalog

    AC axial fans - HyBlade®

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  • Catalog

    EC axial fans - HyBlade® for ventilation technology

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  • Tender specifications

    Tender specifications HyBlade 200-1250

    (Edition 2016-08-01T14:43:00.000Z) [ZIP] 1.94MB


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