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Low air flow with high static pressure increase

Energy-saving, convenient control and minimal noise generation - centrifugal fans with forward-curved blades and GreenTech EC technology

Saving energy is becoming ever more of an issue these days. Specifically in the fields of ventilation and air conditioning, the use of energy-efficient fans offers great potential for savings. Which is why ebm-papst has developed an entire product range of dual-inlet, direct-drive centrifugal blowers with efficient GreenTech EC technology specially for ventilation and air conditioning applications.

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The integrated motor electronics permit convenient, infinitely variable speed control of the EC fans. Up to three air flow levels can be programmed in "Constant Flow" mode. This means that the fan is regulated to a constant air flow in the event of changes in resistance, caused for example by filters becoming clogged.

Conversion from a conventional fan with asynchronous motor to modern energy-saving technology is possible without any device design modifications.



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Areas of application

Centrifugal fans with forward-curved blades (centrifugal blowers) are used in all sorts of applications demanding a low noise level, a relatively low air flow with high static pressure increase, and a space-saving design.

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In combination with the appropriate type of motor, dual-inlet centrifugal blowers with modern EC technology can cover virtually any conceivable area of application. Eleven sizes are available with a drive power of between 85 W and 3 kW. So there is a "tailor-made" solution for more or less any situation, from compact air handling units, air doors and fan coil units, to air heaters for factory buildings, or as fans for the forced cooling of power converters, generators or telecommunications systems.


EC fans for fan coils, air doors and air curtains


Fan coils with GreenTech EC fans.



EC centrifugal blower with high power density.



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