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A new dimension in efficiency


With RadiCal DC centrifugal fans, the EC external rotor motor is integrated into the impeller. Their compact design makes them suitable for installation in even the most confined spaces. Together with the aerodynamically adapted inlet ring, the impeller forms a perfectly functioning unit. Installation and connection could not be easier thanks to plug & play.



DC RadiCal centrifugal fans - the SMART solution - Efficient and robust

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Areas of application

For control cabinets and IT hardware such as network and storage systems, for routers, servers and many other applications – you can always rely on the expertise of the world's most innovative supplier of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology


ebm-papst has been an innovative development partner and technology trendsetter in the field of IT and telecommunications applications for many years. Whether it is a matter of cooling electronics in a corrosive environment with high temperatures or under fluctuating conditions with frequent changes in temperature and humidity: Our solutions can always be relied on to provide safe and efficient operation. This applies even to the most extreme situations, in monsoon regions for example. A robust design, reliability and energy efficiency are the key factors. That's "SMART".

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Decades of refrigeration technology experience make ebm-papst ideally equipped to deal with these challenges. Our tried-and-tested product series have proved their outstanding ability to perform complex cooling tasks in thousands of standard and customized solutions. Expertise that has also gone into our RadiCal product range and is predestined to deal with the requirements of electronics cooling.

Base stations permit mobile communication all over the world. ebm-papst fans keep the electronics at a steady low temperature and ensure reliable heat dissipation. This minimizes the risk of component failure and extends the system service life. Our fans have already provided evidence of their reliability under the toughest conditions: installed in base stations in the tropics, in alpine regions, in deep valleys, at all temperatures and whatever the weather.



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