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Centrifugal fans

Small, compact centrifugal fans with high variable speeds.

Centrifugal compact fan

Today's centrifugal fans reach output levels far superior to those of standard fans. The renowned AC fans from ebm-papst are used wherever DC voltage is not available. 

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Altogether the product range currently includes seven sizes with a diameter of 97 mm to 225 mm for air performance levels of between 220 and 1600 m³/h and a maximum pressure increase of up to 1200 Pa. And the aerodynamically optimized impellers have a part to play in achieving these figures. They have already been successfully used by ebm-papst in other products and have proven to be a good combination with the powerful electronically commutated DC motors of the S-Force series. The fans are available as 24 V DC and 48 V DC versions.




Compact fans for AC, DC and EC

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Areas of application

Centrifugal fans are the right choice for applications requiring a high pressure increase with a relatively low air flow rate or making special demands on the fan and the air duct design. They represent the ideal solution for a wide range of cooling tasks.

Electronics cooling Centrifugal compact fan

Centrifugal fans are more effective than axial fans if an application requires the air flow to be deflected by 90 degrees, or if there are components, filters etc. impeding free air flow, for example.

With a centrifugal fan, the air is drawn in axially, i.e. in parallel with the drive axis of the centrifugal fan, deflected through 90° by the rotation of the centrifugal impeller, and discharged radially. In other words, the entire air flow exits the impeller at the outer diameter. The higher kinetic energy of the air molecules this permits generates a higher pressure than an axial blower, the peripheral speed of which is limited at the hub. 


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