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Perfectly matched components

An optimum gas-air mixing ratio is crucial to the energy yield realized during combustion. However, adjusting the premixing system properly is no easy matter. The mixing ratio needs to be exactly adjusted to the heating value of the gases being used (e.g. natural gas, LPG or biogas). An additional challenge is the flexibility of heat output. The greater the modulation range of a heating system, the better its heating output can be adjusted to current needs. The limits of the modulation level are determined by the minimum and maximum output of the premixing blower. In addition, the system also has to be capable of achieving the optimum mixing ratio even at low heating output, which means its components need to be perfectly matched. That’s why we offer complete heating systems including gas blowers, venturis and gas valves from a single source.

Customized solutions for maximum flexibility

Working closely with our customers is important to us; that’s how we ensure that our components are a perfect match for their final products, enabling maximum energy yield. We also cater to specific requirements related to space and power density. For example, by integrating the F01 electronic gas valve in the housing of the NRG 77 gas blower, we were able to develop a much more compact gas blower system. The system also has a mass flow sensor to measure air throughput and ensure an optimum gas-air mixture.


Of the five components previously used (blower housing, venturi nozzle, valve housing, valve side cover and seal), now there are only two: the blower housing with valve and seal, and the venturi element with side cover. The new configuration only needs 80% of the space required by an NRV 77 system.


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